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In September 2011 the GPhC launched their registrant bulletin 'Regula+e'. View Regula+e online on their website.

Conduct, Ethics and Performance

Standards for conduct, ethics and performance set out the behaviours, attitudes and values expected of pharmacy professionals and explain the standards that all pharmacy professionals must comply with. They also inform patients and the public of the standards that they can expect of pharmacy professionals.

For more information please view the full version of the standards on the GPhC website.

CPS Guide to Inspections

CPS has produced a guide to the new GPhC premises standards (published 20/03/2014) with guidance on how to prepare for an inspection. We have also created a Model Examples of Evidence template.

We would urge members to read the documents listed below and visit the GPhC website for any further information on the standards.

What makes a good pharmacy?

The GPhC has published examples of what would be required to achieve a good rating for a pharmacy inspection. The case studies should aid contractors when preparing for an inspection.

What makes an excellent pharmacy?

The eight guiding principles for an excellent pharmacy:
You will already be performing well against our pharmacy standards
The pharmacy services you provide will be designed and delivered with patients at their core
You will be improving outcomes for individual patients, making a significant difference to them
You will be optimising patients’ use of medicines to ensure they take the right medicines at the right time and to reduce wastage of medicines
You will be looking outside the walls of the pharmacy to understand the health needs of your local community and deliver pharmacy services to meet those needs
You will be working in partnership with other healthcare providers and community groups to improve outcomes for individual patients and groups of patients
You will be continually learning and researching good practice to identify ways of improving patient safety
You will be a model for other pharmacies to learn from

The GPhC has announced a review of the labels they use for inspection results. This may lead to a move away from the current poor, satisfactory, good and excellent labels. CPS will be contributing to any consultation process.

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