Yellow Card Reporting

The Yellow Card Scheme allows patients and healthcare professionals to report problems with medicines or medical devices. This may be because:

  • A medicine causes side effects
  • Someone’s injured (or almost injured) by a medical device, either because it’s labelling or instructions aren’t clear, it’s broken or has been misused
  • A patient’s treatment has been interrupted because of a faulty device
  • Someone receives the wrong diagnosis because of a medical device
  • A medicine doesn’t work properly
  • A medicine is of poor quality
  • You think a medicine or medical device is fake or counterfeit

Patients within all health boards should be encouraged and supported by healthcare professionals to complete Yellow Card reports for suspected ADRs. Further patient specific information on the Yellow Card Scheme and reporting of suspected side effects can be found on the YCC Centre Scotland website.

E-learning Modules

Yellow Card Centre Scotland and NHS Education Scotland (NES) have collaborated to produce 6 interactive e-learning modules on adverse drug reactions (ADRs). These modules aim to increase awareness of the harm that can be caused by medicines including admissions to hospital and prolongation of hospital stays; and how these problems can be identified or avoided. These modules have been developed for continuing professional development for all healthcare professionals across NHS Scotland and are available to view below:

For Further Information

For further information, please contact Yellow Card Centre Scotland on 0131 242 2919 or email

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