Stoma Service

Stoma Service

PhotoThe Stoma Contract sets out the service standards to be met by all Community Pharmacy contractors who have signed up to the service. This allows contractors to be on a list of approved suppliers authorised to dispense and supply stoma appliances and associated services to patients in the community. Dispensing Appliance Suppliers can also be on the approved suppliers list and supply products direct to patients.

The service specification sets out the ongoing standards to be met by Community Pharmacists and Dispensing Appliance Suppliers for the purposes of remaining on the approved supplier list.

The current Fees for Stoma are as follows and subject to quarterly review to ensure there is no significant over or under spend of the Stoma Fees Global Sum.

Fees Payable Value
Base Dispensing fee £6.09
Customisation fee £4.90
Delivery Fee £3.81

The Scottish Government has initiated a Quality and Cost Effectiveness review on the service.

Endorsing and Claiming

  • Stoma service providers will be required to endorse prescriptions which have been customised and/or delivered as
    • “Product Customised”    = CUST
    • “Product Delivered”       = DEL

* Both endorsements may be used if required

  • Stoma service providers should claim any customisation and delivery fees on a monthly basis from PSD using the appropriate claim form.