Disallowed Items

Below is a list of the items most commonly disallowed on MAS forms.

Preparation Reason for being disallowed Acceptable alternative
Otrivine paed nose drops Blacklisted Prescribe as Xylometazoline paed nasal drops 0.5%
Bepanthen nappy cream Not on MAS - Pay & report  
Zovirax Cream 5% 10g POM Prescribe as 2g pack
Aciclovir Cream 5% 10g POM Prescribe as 2g pack
Orabase paste S103 30g Not on MAS until 1st July 2010 Being added to MAS from July 2010
Beclometasone nasal spray 50mcg 200 dose 200 dose defaults to POM Prescribe as 100 or 180 dose
HC 45 Cream Blacklisted Prescribe as Hydrocortisone cream 1%
Canesten HC cream POM Prescribe as Canesten Hydrocortisone 15g pack
Uvistat sun cream sp 50 Not on MAS – Borderline Substance  
Ibuprofen syrup 100mg/5ml POM Prescribe as suspension

Disallowed Items, Dressings, Appliances and Hosiery

This list contains items which are disallowed on NHS prescription forms in Scotland. These are items which do not appear in the Scottish Drug Tariff in parts 2, 3, 5, 9 and 10.

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Black List

The Black List is a list of items which are not allowed to be prescribed/dispensed on NHS prescriptions.

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Drugs Medicines and other Substances only in Certain Circumstances (SLS)

Drugs, medicines and other substances to be ordered by contractors in the provision of Primary Medical Services under a General Medical Services contract only in Certain Circumstances. Read More ...

Items Allowed on Stock Order Forms

In general, if an item is allowed on Form GP10 it is also allowed on form GP10A. There are, however, a limited number of items which may only be supplied on Form GP10A. Read More ...

Dental Prescriptions

When ordering items included in their formulary, general dental practitioners must use the title which appears in the formulary.

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Chemical Reagents

Prescriptions for the following items will not be passed for payment.

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Minor Ailment Service (MAS)

When prescribing under the Minor Ailment Scheme please remember the following:

Although the list of items allowed on form CP2 includes all P & GSL lines, you should pay close attention to your local MAS Formulary for prescribing guidance. Read More ...

Nurse Prescribing

Considerable confusion can occur around the different types of nurse prescriber.   Please remember that ordinary nurse prescribers are restricted to items in Part 8B of the drug tariff. Scripts issued by an 'ordinary nurse prescriber' will have an alpha code plus the wording. Read More ...

Please remember to check the form type with the prescriber code:

  • A nurses prescription form must have an alpha code (e.g. ABCDE)

  • A doctor’s prescription form must have a numeric code(e.g.12345).