Anaphylaxis Campaign

The community pharmacy network offers an opportunity to improve access to adrenaline injection when required for emergency use. Community Pharmacy Scotland recognises an opportunity to highlight the accessibility of the pharmacy network for this and other services. To this end we are asking every community pharmacy contractor in Scotland to agree to stock adrenaline injection 300mcg per dose (Adult) and adrenaline injection 150mcg per dose (Child).

M&D Green Pharmacy - Anaphylaxis Campaign

For more information about Anaphylaxis you can download this Anaphylaxis Information Card.

There are three main types of adrenaline auto-injector devices distributed in Scotland. These websites for the products provide useful advice for both patients and pharmacy teams on anaphylaxis treatment. Further materials can also be ordered from the websites to support anaphylaxis awareness within your team.

Two UK-wide patient support organisations can also be highlighted to patients for further support.

Community Pharmacy Scotland will take the opportunity to highlight pharmacy accessibility through a variety of media sources.