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Pharmacy First Update

Monday, May 27, 2019

You may already be aware of the movement of UTI and Impetigo Pharmacy First services into the central Global Sum funding. This has the advantage of securing this funding and is the first stage in the evolution of the existing Minor Ailment Service into a broader ‘Pharmacy First’ service for April 2020. It is the intention to pay the UTI and impetigo consultations on activity from April 2019. We are aware that some Health Boards don’t ask pharmacies to routinely capture this information (due to differing local payment models), so would ask pharmacies to collate this information as best they can where this is not the case. We have developed an interim basic template to capture information to support with this. More information will be forthcoming from Scottish Government in due course as to the exact details of how to claim etc, which we will let everyone know as soon as we can.