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Epanutin Supply Issues

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

We have received notification that Pfizer are currently experiencing supply issues with Epanutin Infatabs 50mg Chewable Tablets and have been granted permission to supply an imported version (Dilantin).

Following this, Dilantin 50mg Chewable Tablets will be added to Part 7U of the Drug Tariff, therefore will not require authorisation and will be remunerated at the listed price. If you have any issues obtaining these at tariff price, please report this using our Shortage Reporter App.

As Phenytoin is classed as Category 1 Anti-Epileptic Drug, any change in brand supplied to patients should be discussed with prescribers as per this letter from Pfizer. Once stocks of the licensed UK product run out, pharmacy teams must not fulfil prescriptions with the imported Dilantin until they have contacted the prescriber to agree that this is appropriate. Dilantin does not have a license in the UK and further to this there may be differences in bioequivalence, so any change of brand should be managed carefully - particularly as most patients are children.

The supply issue is anticipated to continue until mid-November.