Pharmacy Vacancies

We are delighted to be able to offer our members free advertising for pharmacy vacancies. All vacancies are added to our Vacancy App and shared across social media to reach more people.

How to I add a vacancy?

We understand that your time is precious so we’ve tried to make it as easy as possible for you to advertise your pharmacy vacancies. Simply login to your members’ area, click on ‘Pharmacy Vacancies’ and scroll down the menu on the right and select 'Add a Vacancy'. Fill in the simple, one page, online form and hit ‘Add your Vacancy to the Website’ and we will take it from there.

Once you have submitted your vacancy we will approve it for publishing and email you to let you know when it's been added. We'll also then share the vacancy on social media to help generate interest.

How long does it take for my vacancy to be published?

Our aim is to publish all vacancies to our website within 1 working day however during busy periods this may take a little longer.

I have lost my login details for the Members Section

If you have lost your Membership login for the Members Section you can request a password reminder online and a note of your login details will be emailed to you.

I haven't signed up for my new Contractor Account  

If you haven't signed up for your new Contractor account please get in touch with Graham.

How successful is your App?

Our Vacancies App is the highest performing section on our website with each vacancy attracting on average 500 unique views and a whopping 2,500 views in total. That is each individual vacancy! We recently conducted a survey which showed a recruitment success rate of 85% through our website.  

For more information

If you have any questions about posting your vacancy please don't hesitate to email Graham who will be more than happy to help.