Board Members

Martin Green - Chairman

Community Pharmacy Greater Glasgow & Clyde

Community pharmacy contractor in Greater Glasgow and Clyde area since 1996. Previously worked for Savory & Moore and T. S. McNee. Member of Community Pharmacy Glasgow and Clyde. Chairman of Community Pharmacy Scotland. Member of Community Pharmacy Scotland Board and Negotiating team. Graduate of Strathclyde University Glasgow.

James Semple - Vice Chair

Community Pharmacy Lanarkshire

Stephen Watkins

Community Pharmacy Grampian

I graduated from Strathclyde University in 1999 before completing my pre-registration training and have held a number of management positions with Boots UK. My current position of Head of Customer Experience for North & East Scotland gives me a real insight into Scottish pharmacy services and the necessary supporting political lobbying of MSPs process.

I having previously been Regional Pharmacy Manager for North Scotland, Area Manager for Lothian and Area Manager for Grampian and North East. 
I am also a member of the CCA Scottish Management Group.

I am currently Chairman of the Grampian PCC and I have been an active member of the Grampian Pharmacy Contractors Committee since 2008. I am the main contact for this local negotiation and lead a team of both independent and CCA contractor representatives to secure service remuneration.

I take an active part in representing Community Pharmacy Scotland through my roles of Board and Council member. My major two contributions being my attendance at party political conferences to engage with politicians on the benefits of community pharmacy services and my national negotiating role as a member of the core CPS negotiating team, supporting the Chairman, with regard to our global sum negotiations.

Alasdair MacIntyre

Community Pharmcay Greater Glasgow & Clyde

Community pharmacy contractor in Glasgow since 2003. Previously manager of Bannerman’s Pharmacy and Boots the Chemist. Member of Community Pharmacy Scotland Council and Board since 2004. Community Pharmacy Scotland representative on the NES Preregistration Pharmacist Scheme and the National Stoma Forum.

Secretary to Community Pharmacy Glasgow and Clyde since 2004. Member of Community Pharmacy Lanarkshire since 2015. Member of NHS Glasgow and Clyde Area Pharmacy Committee and Pharmacy Practice Committee. A preregistration tutor and a supplementary then independent prescriber since October 2006.

Eleanor Fairbairn

Community Pharmacy Borders

Graduated from Robert Gordon’s in Aberdeen and completed by Pre-Registration year with Savoury and Moore. Has worked in a number of management positions for a small independent multiple, the Co-op and has worked for Lloydspharmacy since 1999. Has been an Area Manager in various locations including Manchester, Newcastle, Lothian and Borders, Glasgow and Lanarkshire and Pharmacy Affairs Manager for Celesio UK in Scotland since 2013.

Is a former member of Community Pharmacy Lothian, currently Secretary of Community Pharmacy Borders, Chair of the Company Chemists Association Scottish Management Group and have been on CPS Board since 2005.

John Currie

Community Pharmacy Dumfries & Galloway

John Qualified as a pharmacist in 1983. He has been an independent contractor owner since 2000 and now owns four pharmacies (three in Scotland and one in England). John is a former member of Lanarkshire Area Pharmaceutical Committee and is currently Secretary of Dumfries and Galloway Area Pharmaceutical Committee.

John is currently Chairman of Community Pharmacy Dumfries and Galloway Pharmacy Contractors Committee. He is currently serving a third term as a member of the NPA Board.

Karen Gordon

Community Pharmacy Tayside

Karen has been with Davidsons Chemists since 1999. She was Operations Manager from 2002 – 2009 and is currently Operations Director and Superintendent Pharmacist. She is also a member of Community Pharmacy Tayside, a Tayside Pharmacy Champion and a member of Tayside New Contract Board.

Catriona Sinclair

Community Pharmacy Highland

Graduated from RGIT in 1990 before completing preregistration training with Boots. I have held a variety of positions within both multiple and independent pharmacies and am now an independent pharmacy contractor in Highland.  I have been chair of CPHi since 2012 and a CPS board member since 2013.  I also sit on the APC and PPC and am a member of the NHSHi pharmacy leadership team.

Fraser Frame

Community Pharmacy Greater Gasgow & Clyde

Graduated from Strathclyde University in 1998 completing reg reg and undertaking a number of roles within Boots the Chemists. Joined Safeway/Morrisons in 2002 as Pharmacy Manager, before taking the role of Pharmacy Area Manager for Scotland/North England in 2008. CCA representative for Community Pharmacy Greater Glasgow and Clyde and member of the CCA Scottish Management Group.

Campbell Shimmins

Community Pharmacy Forth Valley

I graduated from Strathclyde University and have been an independent proprietor pharmacist since 1993. I have been a Director of Albapharm and subsequently Inphaserve since 2003. I was also a member of Forth Valley Area Pharmaceutical Committee from 1995 until 2007, and a member of Forth Valley Pharmacy Contractors Committee (CPS Forth Valley) since 1995. I have also recently been elected to Fife Contractors' Committee (CPS Fife).

Since 1999 I have been the Chairman of Forth Valley Pharmacy Contractors Committee and recently been reappointed as Chairman for the next session. I have also been a member of Community Pharmacy Scotland since 1999. I qualified as a supplementary prescriber in 2004, and the first community pharmacist prescriber and since 2006 an Independent prescriber.

I was a member of the National Pharmacy Forum and have been an active member of the Community Pharmacy Scotland Board from 2004 until 2012, standing again in 2016 as my role within my own businesses now allows the commitment that the potential election to the CPS Board requires.

Laura McElroy

Community Pharmacy Lanarkshire

Laura graduated from Strathclyde University in 2003 and took up a pre-registration place with Safeway Pharmacy in East Kilbride.  On completion of her year she joined Rowlands Pharmacy as a relief pharmacist and over the past 12 years progressed to managing various branches before becoming the area manager for their 21 West of Scotland branches in 2010.  During her tenure as a pharmacist branch manager Laura completed her supplementary prescribing qualification at Robert Gordon University and embarked on working with Lanarkshire Addiction Services where she successfully set up and ran addiction clinics for approximately 60 patients.  She further enhanced her clinical knowledge and skills by completing her diploma in Prescribing Sciences.  In recent years Laura has been a member of Community Pharmacy Lanarkshire and this year has taken on the role of secretary.  She is also a member of NHS Glasgow and Clyde Area Pharmacy Committee and this is her first term on the Community Pharmacy Scotland board.

Kathleen Cowle

Forth Valley

Having joined Boots in 1995 as an undergraduate, I completed my degree at Strathclyde University in 1996 and my preregistration training the following year. I have held numerous Pharmacy Support and Management roles throughout my career where I have had the opportunity to train, develop and support other Pharmacists within the organisation.

I joined the Forth Valley (FV) Contractors Committee in 2004 and became a member of the CPS council in the same year. I am the current Chair of the Area Pharmaceutical Committee in FV and I also have a seat on the Area Clinical Forum, Locality Pharmacists Group and the FV Pharmacy Performance Review Group. A key success of the APC has been our ability to represent Pharmacy across all sectors when invited to local multi professional events.

I joined the Scottish Management Group in 2014 and have taken part in small working groups and national events when the opportunity has arisen to promote the development and inclusion of community pharmacy.

I have always been a member of the RPSGB and was delighted to be elected to the Board in June of this year.

Yvonne Williams

Community Pharmacy Dumfries & Galloway

I graduated from Robert Gordon University in 1994, before completing my pre-reg year at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary. Having begun my Pharmacy career working in the family business I moved to Lindsay & Gilmour where I worked for 14 years in a number of managerial positions, latterly holding the position of Director and Deputy Superintendent Pharmacist.

Currently working for Well Pharmacy, I am Regional Development Manager for central Scotland and Northern Ireland as well as holding the position of Scottish Contract Manager.

A previous Chair of Lanarkshire Area Pharmaceutical Committee I currently sit on the Pharmacy Practice Committees of both Lanarkshire and GG&C. I am also Well’s representative on the Scottish Management Group of the CCA.

I am a member of Community Pharmacy Dumfries & Galloway and a co-opted member of Community Pharmacy Forth Valley. I have been a Community Pharmacy Scotland Council Member since 2013 and have sat on the CPS Board since January 2017.

Nicol Baird

Community Pharmacy Grampian

John Connolly